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H.264 Compression Mode, Support 4CH real-time 720P Mega Pixe...
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This device is specially designed high price-quality ratio p...
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H.264 Compression Mode, Support 8CH real-time 960P Million P...
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720P AHD SD Card Mobile DVR with free CMS software supportin...
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4G GPS WIFI Mega pixel mobile dvr System support advanced dr...
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H.264 Compression Mode, Support 4CH real-time 1080P Million ...
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3G/4G video surveillance of bus with GPS --Vehicle Monitoring System for bus solution
With an increasingly perfect and large bus transport system, it becomes more convenient and efficiency for the passengers, at the same time the management and effective monitoring bring a great pressure of interior management and social pressure .
Monitoring System for Truck and Logistics vehicles
With the growing popularity of 4G networks, the network bandwidth multiplied under 4G network environment; it can satisfy the high frame rate, high image quality of the video data transmission requirements; support upload images and receive distance image
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