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3G/4G video surveillance of bus with GPS --Vehicle Monitoring System for bus solution
  • 3G/4G video surveillance of bus with GPS --Vehicle Monitoring System for bus solution

3G/4G video surveillance of bus with GPS --Vehicle Monitoring System for bus solution

With an increasingly perfect and large bus transport system, it becomes more convenient and efficiency for the passengers, at the same time the management and effective monitoring bring a great pressure of interior management and social pressure .
Firstly, the industry status and needs
With an increasingly perfect and large bus transport system, it becomes more convenient and efficiency for the passengers, at the same time the management and effective monitoring bring a great pressure of interior management and social pressure for the bus transportation and traffic administration.
Now many bus are equipped with GPS positioning equipment, but not for embezzlement, speed or low speed, overload, midway emergencies and more effective supervision, thus the need for car audio and video monitoring equipment to supplement, or even replace the existing GPS single monitor mode.
After installing video systems, real-time monitoring of 4G 3G transmission, you can monitoring who steal passengers tickets and other acts of private money ; real-time monitoring and recording the overloading, speeding, passengers up and down at random, abnormal switch door behavior ;  make a real-time alarms when there is an emergence, the local video data can be used as evidence to punish or transferred to public security departments while improving vehicle safety and service level,satisfied passenger !
The exact route of the vehicle trail is reported to the monitoring center through GPS global positioning system immediately . When an accident and police intelligence occurs, the driver and passengers can start the alarm button instantly reported to the monitoring center. By using the 4G 3G wireless network,the control center can make a real-time monitoring of vehicles, and immediately call with passengers’ vehicle supervisors, improve the safety factor and scheduling capabilities
Second, the overview and analysis of the system
<3G Monitoring Solution of bus> integrated the latest 3G car video monitoring technology and GPS satellite positioning technology, the security monitoring for the bus is all-around, three-dimensional, intelligent. The real-time understanding public bus running status is helpful for making judgments and taking measures in time if the situation even major events happened, greatly improves the speed of emergency response will minimize possible losses.
Control vehicle operating conditions;
 Improve traffic safety, reduce accidents;
It is used as evidence for you to check what happen before the device power off or the state of the vehicles when there is a accident. To help the cause of the accident judgment. 

Improve passenger safety and reduce the occurrence of cases;
Improve service quality.
Third, the system design
1, system design
The whole system is divided into Front device of vehicle security manage system
, Communication networks, management platform three blocks.

3G video monitor system of bus mainly insist of four major components, including automotive hardware, intelligent GPS satellite positioning systems, 3G wireless video monitoring system, and monitoring system platform.
◆ intelligent GPS satellite positioning systems - on-board equipment access the vehicle's current location information via GPS module, including the current latitude and longitude, the current speed, the current operating speed vector azimuth, current time and so on.
By supporting the monitoring system platform, combined with GIS electronic map,you can access the location of the vehicle ,a series of GPS management and security monitoring.
Here are using the GPS global positioning system.
◆ 3G wireless video monitoring system - Mobile DVR built-in 3G module (WCDMA / EVDO / TD-SCDMA), real-time status of their vehicles, video, sound and other information transmitted to the monitoring center through the network; also available get various command from the control center.
3G wireless network transfer the vehicle’s real-time video and other information to the monitoring center , the monitoring center can learn inside and outside status of the vehicle in real-time and make a  video management for the video.
◆ monitoring system platform - monitoring system platform is the core of the monitoring system.
Management Scheduling: all the vehicles video, GPS, alarms, video management, user rights management are operate and manage completely by system platform.
◆ Front device of vehicle security manage----It is installed in bus , the device including the audio and video capture module, audio and video code module, GPS data acquisition module and 3G transmission module.
2, the front device of vehicle security manage system design
Front device of vehicle security manage system including vehicle mainframe, monitoring cameras, monitoring head, alarm button, the alarm flashing lights, vehicle display screen, GPS, dispatch terminal, wireless routers.

1) Interior panoramic camera (front)can be installed in front of the head inside the upper position, towards to the back of the car, monitoring the interior situation of the whole vehicle .
2) Entrance door camera can be installed above the driver head position, towards to the direction of the door, monitoring the entrance door , coin box situation and driving conditions.
3) Exit door camera can be installed above the middle seat in the car,towards to the direction of the door for monitoring the situation when the passengers get off the bus.
4) Interior panoramic camera (rear) can be installed above the rear of the interior car ,      monitoring the interior situation of the vehicle; it can also be installed in the rear of the outside car as a reverse.     
5) car video recorder can be installed in front of the driver's seat or after the vehicle final section.
The actual installation location of each device are decided on the vehicle condition and the effect of the specific requirements of the customer.
3, The platform’s transmission mode and features
4/3G transmission network support worldwide 4G FDD-LTE,China Telecom (EVDO), China Unicom (WCDMA), China Mobile (TD-SCDMA).
 WCDMA: developed by the standardization organization 3GPP.
 CDMA2000 (EV-DO): This system’s 3G standard is base on the IS-95 standard .
TD-SCDMA: The standard proposed by China Wireless Telecommunication Standards Organization CWTS.
Network transmission characteristics:
1) Support dual-stream  (separate video stream and network transmission streams)
2) For narrow-band transmission and radio transmission, 3G and 2G network adaptable
3) Support transport CIF format video stream with the wireless network.
4) Support remote network monitoring and real-time video
5) Support two-way audio transmission, two-way voice intercom or language broadcast with the network
6) Support automatically adjust wireless video transmission stream to achieve the best transmission effect
7) Support WIFI wireless transmission, wireless browsing video or video downloads
Note: The actual 3G transmission efficiency is related on the local 3G network environment and operator’s construction
4, the overall design of the platform
Wireless 3G video management platform is a integrated management platform for monitoring all vehicle device and the users.
Management platform is the entire three-dimensional, intelligent video monitoring and GPS location monitoring and management system's core, the system uses C / S structure (client / server),is stable and reliable. GPS management features including real-time vehicle tracking, alarm centers, geographic information management, historical itinerary tracking, Vehicle Center.Video monitoring features including real-time video monitoring and alarm video tips, video storage and playback download analysis, user setup and management, equipment management, system management, alarm access.

  1. , the platform architecture and function

Platform using C / S mode architecture and mainstream database, achieving video monitoring and video playback by component.
Platform software’s design is equipped with practical, compatibility, expansion, reliability and other basic network management requirements.
Platform is equipped with alarm automatic connection, wireless network interruption and  re-pass function, all equipment access platforms can be automatically connected to the monitoring system and working properly.
Client software has a good interface, a video window, GIS map window, the list of grouping devices, PTZ control window, video playback window, the Device Manager window and other auxiliary interface.
 Client software supports voice intercom, multi-vehicle Broadcast function.
 Log , report is supported.
Through the platform you can complete the management of equipment and user registry; forward alarm information, control signal ; manage equipment and user’s profile .
Remote real-time monitoring, electronic map real-time tracking and monitoring, video playback, remote video download, vehicle history data playback.

  1. , HANV 3G wireless monitoring and management platform 
◆ Real-time video: Instant video browsing, support to multi-screen browsing, vehicle location information, device status,show the GPS map and so on.
◆ GIS electronic map: Support Google, MapInfo and other mainstream map display, optional multi-car display, combined with a 4-screen widgets monitoring video, concerns the vehicle position information while also focusing on video real-time monitoring of the vehicle;
◆ video playback: Includes GPS playback historical track download, download video playback device;
◆ log management: Set off the assembly line, video loss, abnormal GPS and other vehicle alarm  log query; vehicle details inquiry ,etc..